Phaedra Royle, Ph.D.

Publications récentes (5 ans) / Recent Publications (5 years)

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Stanké B, Robidoux J, Rezzonico S, Royle P. (2021). Impact de l’enseignement explicite des régularités graphotactiques et morphologiques sur l’apprentissage de l’orthographe lexicale auprès de différents profils d’élèves faibles orthographieurs de 3e année. A.N.A.E, L’efficacité en orthographe. 2021:33(173).

Dutemple M, Moreau A, Stanké B, Royle P, Rezzonico S, Dumas C (2021). Enseignement et rééducation de l’orthographe lexicale : implications didactiques et orthopédagogiques auprès d’élèves faibles orthographieurs. Revue de L’ADOQ, 2021:11;62–74.

Fromont LA, Steinhauer K, Royle P (2020). Verbing nouns and nouning verbs: Using a balanced design provides ERP evidence against “syntax-first” approaches to sentence processing. PLOsOne, 15(3), e0229169.

Fromont LA, Royle P, Steinhauer K. (2020). Growing Random Forests reveals that exposure and proficiency best account for individual variability in L2 (and L1) brain potentials for syntax and semantics. Brain and Language, 204, 104770.

Royle P, Reising L. (2019). Elicited and spontaneous determiner phrase production in French speaking children with developmental language disorder. Canadian Journal of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, 43(3), 167–187.

Kulinich E, Royle P, Valois D. (2019). On the inefficiency of negative feedback in Russian morphology L1 acquisition. First Language, 39, 547–570.

Courteau É, Martignetti L, Steinhauer K, Royle P. (2019). Eliciting ERP components of morphosyntactic agreement mismatches in perfectly grammatical sentences. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 1152, [online journal].

Coughlin, C. E., Fiorentino, R., Royle, P., Steinhauer, K. (2019). Sensitivity to inflectional morphology in a non-native language: Evidence from ERPs. Frontiers in Communication, 4, [online journal].

Royle, P, Steinhauer, K, Dessureault, É, Herbay, A. C., Brambati, S. M. (2019). Aging and language: Maintenance of morphological representations in older adultsFrontiers in Communication, 4 [online journal].
Royle P, Fromont LA, Drury JE. (2018). Definiteness and maximality in French language acquisition, more adult-like than you would expect.  Frontiers in Communication, 3 [online journal].Chen L, Xu X, Chen Q, Royle P. (2018).  Can pragmatic inference benefit from topic prominence? ERP evidence from Mandarin Chinese. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 2018;46 :11-22.

Stanké B, Royle P, Rezzonico S, Moreau A, Dumais C. (2018). ÉQOL Une banque de 15 000 mots à votre disposition [Base de données/ Database for French], mars.

Royle P, St-Denis A, Mazzocca P, Marquis A. (2017). Insensitivity to verb conjugation patterns in French children with SLI. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 32(2), 128-147.

Rvachew S, Royle P, Gonnerman L. Stanké B, Marquis A, Herbay A. (2017). Development of a Tool to Screen Risk of Literacy Delays in French-Speaking Children: PHOPHLO. Canadian Journal of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, 41(3):321-340. *

*Speech-Language & Audiology Canada’s 2018 CJSLPA Editor’s Award. This award recognises the best overall paper published in the journal during the last calendar year.

Rvachew S, Royle P, Gonnerman L M, Stanké B, Marquis A, Herbay A. (2017). « Phophlo (Version 1.0) » [Application Mobile/Mobile App]. Disponible sur iTunes.

Steinhauer K, Royle P, Drury JE, Fromont LA. (2017). The priming of priming: Evidence that the N400 reflects context dependent post-retrieval word integration in working memory. Neuroscience Letters, 651, 192–197.

Chapitres et actes de colloques  / Chapters and proceedings

Royle P, Steinhauer K (à paraître). Neural correlates of morphology computation and representation. Dans M. Grimaldi, Y. Shtyrov & E. Brattico (dir.), Language Electrified: Techniques, Methods, Applications, and Future Perspectives in the Neurophysiological Investigation of Language. Springer.

Marquis A, Royle P.  (2019). Verb acquisition in monolingual and multilingual children and adults. Dans P Guijarro-Fuentes & C Suárez-Gómez (dir.) Proceedings of GALA 2017: Language Acquisition and Development (pp. 307–324). Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.