Phaedra Royle, Ph.D.

Publications récentes (5 ans) / Recent Publications (5 years)

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Coughlin, C. E., Fiorentino, R., Royle, P., Steinhauer, K. (2019). Sensitivity to inflectional morphology in a non-native language: Evidence from ERPs. Frontiers in Communication, 4, [online journal].
Royle, P, Steinhauer, K, Dessureault, É, Herbay, A. C., Brambati, S. M. (2019) Aging and language: Maintenance of morphological representations in older adultsFrontiers in Communication, 4 [online journal].

Royle P, Fromont LA, Drury JE. (2018) Definiteness and maximality in French language acquisition, more adult-like than you would expect.  Frontiers in Communication, 3 [online journal].

Chen L, Xu X, Chen Q, Royle P. (2018).  Can pragmatic inference benefit from topic prominence? ERP evidence from Mandarin Chinese. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 2018;46 :11-22.

Stanké B, Royle P, Rezzonico S, Moreau A, Dumais C. (2018). ÉQOL Une banque de 15 000 mots à votre disposition [Base de données/ Database for French], mars.

Royle P, St-Denis A, Mazzocca P, Marquis A. (2017). Insensitivity to verb conjugation patterns in French children with SLI. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 32(2), 128-147.

Rvachew S, Royle P, Gonnerman L. Stanké B, Marquis A, Herbay A. (2017). Development of a Tool to Screen Risk of Literacy Delays in French-Speaking Children: PHOPHLO. Canadian Journal of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, 41(3):321-340. *

*Speech-Language & Audiology Canada’s 2018 CJSLPA Editor’s Award. This award recognizes the best overall paper published in the journal during the last calendar year.

Rvachew S, Royle P, Gonnerman L M, Stanké B, Marquis A, Herbay A. (2017). « Phophlo (Version 1.0) » [Application Mobile/Mobile App]. Disponible sur iTunes.

Steinhauer K, Royle P, Drury JE, Fromont LA. (2017) The priming of priming: Evidence that the N400 reflects context dependent post-retrieval word integration in working memory. Neuroscience Letters, 651, 192–197.

Kulinich E, Royle P, Valois D. (2016). Palatalization in the Russian verb system: a psycholinguistic study. Journal of Slavic Linguistics, 24(2), 337-357.

Kolne K, Gonnerman L, Royle, P, Marquis A, Rvachew S. (2016). Teachers’ predictions of children’s spelling ability: What are they based on and how good are they? Language Teaching, 18(1):71-98.

Courteau E, Steinhauer K, Royle P. (2015) L’acquisition du groupe nominal en français et de ses aspect morpho-syntaxiques et sémantiques : une étude de potentiels évoqués. Glossa, 17:77-93.

Royle P, Bergeron E, Marquis A. (2015) L’acquisition du genre quand il est déjà acquis : l’expérience d’enfants hispanophones apprenant le français. Revue canadienne d’orthophonie et d’audiologie, 39(3), 238-259.

Royle P, Courteau E. (2014) Language Processing in Children with Specific Language Impairment: A Review of Event-related Potential Studies. Dans L. T. Klein & V. Amato (Éds.), Language Processing: New Research (pp. 33-64). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

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